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Maximize Your Website's Discoverability while maintaining a Stellar Reputation.

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Protecting the Positive Perception of Your Brand is Essential for Success!

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Discoverability and Reputation Management: The Dynamic Duo of Online Success

In today's digital age, having a website is essential for any business or organization. But simply having a website isn't enough - you want people to be able to find it and have a positive impression of your brand.

That's where discoverability and reputation come in.

By maximizing your website's discoverability, you can increase its reach and attract more visitors. And by maintaining a positive reputation, you can build trust with your audience and establish yourself as a reliable source in your industry.

Partner with Tash Digital to help you with strategies for enhancing your website's discoverability and maintaining a positive reputation online

More Reviews

Invite More Reviews

Redirect positive feedback to external review sites and enhance your online reputation with glowing reviews. Build your brand advocates, making it easier for satisfied customers to share their experiences and amplify your business's positive image.

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Address Challenging Reviews

Effectively mediate and address challenging feedback promptly, ensuring swift resolution and client satisfaction. Utilize our tools to turn potential issues into opportunities for growth and demonstrate your commitment to exceptional service.


Identify Underperformers

Evaluate team members to identify underperformers, weaknesses, and determine areas for improvement or correct training. Use our comprehensive assessment tools to analyze performance metrics, highlight strengths, and provide targeted feedback.

Maintaining a Positive Perception of Your Brand is Key - Protect It at All Costs

Give your customers a voice, IT:

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Strengthens loyalty

Research shows that reviews significantly impact loyalty, with studies indicating that around 93% of consumers are influenced by online reviews when making purchasing decisions. These reviews serve as social proof, reinforcing trust and loyalty towards a brand or product.


Builds Trust

Statistics indicate that a significant 81% of consumers consider brand trust to be a pivotal factor influencing their purchase decisions. This underscores the importance of cultivating trust with your audience, as it plays a crucial role in driving consumer behavior and fostering long-term relationships with your brand.

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Drives Sales Growth

Research reveals that consumers are willing to increase their spending by 17% when they encounter exceptional service from a brand. This emphasizes the direct correlation between delivering outstanding service and boosting sales revenue, highlighting the tangible benefits of prioritizing customer satisfaction.

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IN ADDITION Reputation Management:

1. Customer Retention: Satisfied customers are more likely to return.

2. Competitive Advantage: Stand out in a crowded market.

3. Brand Image: Strengthens overall brand perception.

4. Employee Morale: Positive public perception boosts team pride.

5. Feedback Insights: Provides valuable insights for business improvement.

Star ratings along with Google reviews significantly improve click-through rates by up to 35%.

  • How Tash Digital's Reputation App Works

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    Collect Reviews Online

    Tash Digital can prompt for a review using a unique link custom created for your business and sent via SMS (Text Message), WhatsApp, email, and QR Codes.

    Email Signature

    Collect Reviews Email

    Tash Digital creates a brand specific widget to be included to your business email signature.  Leave a lasting impression while encouraging positive reviews that draw in more clientele.


    Stream Authentic Reviews

    Tash Digital streams the latest authentic reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, and displays on your website, boosting conversions, enhancing SEO results, and driving more sales.

    review platforms

    Building Customer Loyalty with Quick Responses.

    With all your reviews in one place, you can easily find and address the most pressing ones. Show gratitude to customers, resolve inquiries, and manage urgent issues promptly.

    Rapid Response

    Why Choose Tash Digital?

    Collect Reviews

    Collect Reviews

    Our tool helps you increase positive Google reviews in just a few months, automatically share them on your site, and start attracting more customers from the web.

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    Reputation Mediation

    In the event of a crisis, the application can mediate to transform a 1-star review into a 5-star rating, restoring trust and enhancing your brand’s reputation.

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    Improve Your Online Reputation

    Analyze, generate, monitor, and share reviews to boost your company’s reputation and attract new customers from the web.  Recognize and reward positive customer interactions.

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    Get Reviews Where It Matters

    Connect Google, Facebook, and 20+ sites to receive new positive reviews. Each positive review is a powerful marketing tool that drives business growth.

    Get new positive reviews, avoid the negative ones.

    Ensure the Validity, Enhance the Quality, and Safeguard the Reputation of Your Online Presence

    So what are you doing about it?

    Tash Digital can assist you to take complete control of your online reputation, from getting reviews to managing negative ones, providing you the platform to respond to customer concerns immediately.


    We understand that every business is one-of-a-kind, with its own set of objectives and strategies to achieve them. This is why at Tash Digital, we provide customized pricing based on your individual needs and requirements, and approach each project with a unique and tailored solution.


    Suggested packages would include:

    • Configuring your Google My Business profile 
    • Optimizing your Google My Business profile
    • Maintaining your Google My Business profile
    • Collect Reviews
    • Provide means to mediate
    • Surveys and Polls

    Other Tash Digital Services

    Market with a purpose, create an unforgettable legacy.

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    Become Discoverable

    Stand out in the digital world with an optimized online presence.

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    Reward customers and build brand loyalty with personalized digital experiences.

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    Mobile Apps

    Unlock the power of customized mobile applications to engage and delight.

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    Cultivate your Identity


    Is Tash Digital GDPR/ POPI/ CASL Compliant?

    Each business is responsible for including GDPR/ CASL/ POPI compliance in their marketing strategies. Tash Digital suggests consulting with your legal counsel to ensure all compliance rules and regulations are applied accordingly. Tash Digital does make every effort to align with these compliance best practices through functionality you can apply to your campaigns.

    DISCLAIMER: This is about putting your shoulder to the grindstone, planning and implementing and getting the job done this is not a "get rich in 2 days" kinda deal - Tash will get into the trenches with you adding value through hard work, establishing professional strategies, setting goals and measuring progress WITH YOU BUT your part MUST be contributed. The Trifecta Program is about CHANGE and discipline from the top down, all parties must participate be willing and truly engaged. The goal is establishing both personal and business BRAND. Natashja cannot make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money through her concepts, strategies and ideas. Results are driven by a myriad of different variables and external influences. Natashja's intention and main objective is to assist you in establishing a brand, setting goals and objectives to drive a performance based outcome. Natashja does not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice.

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